How to Understand What Your Dog Is Saying 

Soft eyes with round pupils typically indicate calmness and approachability.

Relaxed Eyes  

Pinned back ears signal discomfort, insecurity, fear, or aggression depending on context.

Ears Back  

Fast wagging usually conveys happiness and excitement. A stiff, slow wag can mean uncertainty.

Wagging Tail

Raised fur along neck and back points to high arousal due to fear, defensiveness, stress, or aggression

Raised Hackles  

Brief lip licking shows mild stress. Prolonged lip licking may indicate severe anxiety or nausea.

Lip Licking

Frequent yawning when not tired communicates stress and attempt to calm down.


Front legs down, hind end up invites play. Lets other dogs know roughhousing is friendly.

Play Bow

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