How to Train Your Cat to Love Their Harness

Begin harness training inside so it's a safe, controlled environment. Give treats and praise for wearing the harness. 

Start Indoors

Make sure harness fits snugly but allows full range of motion. A too-loose harness can slip off.

Proper Fit 

Engage in playtime while your cat is in the harness so they associate it with fun.  

Pair with Play   

Limit early harness sessions to 5-10 minutes. Cats adjust to harnessing gradually.

Short Sessions

Use extra enticing treats like tuna or chicken during training to motivate your cat.

Favorite Treats  

Some cats take weeks to get used to a harness. Keep sessions relaxed, rewarding and consistent.  

Be Patient

Verbally praise and reward any steps forward like allowing the harness on or walking in it.

Praise Progress

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