How to Stop Your Cat From Rejecting a New Kitten?

Introduce your cat to the idea of a new kitten gradually. Create a positive environment by ensuring both cats have separate spaces with familiar scents.


Allow cats to acclimate at their own pace. Use scent-swapping techniques, gradually letting them become accustomed to each other's smell before direct interaction.

Slow Introduction

Introduce the new kitten in a neutral space. This helps prevent territorial issues, reducing the likelihood of your existing cat feeling threatened or defensive.

Neutral Territory

Positive associations by rewarding good behavior with treats or affection. This reinforces the idea that the new kitten brings positive experiences.

Positive Reinforcement

Monitor initial interactions closely. Gradually increase supervised time together, ensuring that interactions are positive and there is no aggression or fear.

Supervised Interaction

Engage both cats in interactive play and enrichment activities. Shared playtime helps foster a sense of camaraderie and creates positive bonding experiences.

Enrichment Activities

Building a strong relationship between your cats takes time. Be patient, allowing them to establish their own hierarchy and develop a bond at their own pace.

Patience and Time

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