How to Determine Your Cat's Age

Kittens have small, razor-sharp teeth. Adult teeth start coming in around 6-7 months old.

Kitten Teeth

Shiny, thick coats in kittens fade to duller adult coats. Senior cats may have thinning coats.

Coat Change

Kittens and younger cats are energetic and playful. Senior cats are lower energy.

Energy Level

Kittens and young cats have bright, wide-open eyes. Senior cats may get cloudy eyes.

Eye Appearance

Your vet can estimate age based on dental wear, eye appearance, muscle tone, and more.  

Vet Exams

Shelters and rescues may have background on the cat's estimated age.

Prior Knowledge 

Generally, the first 2 years equal 24 human years followed by 4 cat years per human year.

Cat Years 

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