How Often To Bathe Your Dog

Some dog breeds require more frequent baths like Cocker Spaniels prone to oil buildup. Short-haired dogs may need less

Breed Factors 

Active dogs who play outside often or go hiking may need a wash every 1-2 weeks versus less active pups.

Activity Level

Dogs with skin allergies or conditions may need medicated baths more often recommended by a vet.

Skin Condition  

During early development, vets suggest bathing puppies once a week up to age 6 months.

Puppy Stage

Older dogs with arthritis or mobility issues likely only need bathing every 1-2 months.

Senior Dogs

Some dog breeds like Shih Tzus groom themselves frequently, requiring fewer baths.


If your dog has an overly stinky coat or odor, it's a sign it's time for a bath.

Smelly Signs

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