How Long Do Cats Hold a Grudge

Most cats hold grudges for days up to a few weeks, depending on the perceived slight. Their memories tend to be short-term.

Days to Weeks  

Bigger transgressions like rehoming, vet visits, or injury can cause cats to hold months-long grudges. Rebuild trust slowly. 

Major Transgressions

Confident, easygoing cats rebound faster than anxious, clingy cats who hold longer grudges. Know your cat's temperament.

Personality Factors

To get back in your cat's good graces, give space then offer treats, catnip, playtime, pets, and comfort.

Make Amends

Avoid grudges by keeping routines consistent, reading body language, and never punishing cats after the fact.

Prevent Grudges

Kittens under 6 months don't hold grudges long since everything is new to them. Use this period for positive handling.

Kitten Stage

Seek help from a vet or behaviorist if your cat's grudge seems extreme or impairs your bond long-term.

When to Worry

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