Hiking With Your Dog Safety Tips

Pick up dog hiking essentials like collapsible bowls, doggy first aid kits, poop bags, leashes, and hiking packs to carry supplies.

Gear Up

Bring plenty of water for both of you. Dogs need hydration even more than humans on hikes. Carry water in dog packs or collapsible bowls.


Avoid hiking with dogs in hot weather. Their paws can easily burn on hot pavement. Hike early or late in the day when it's cooler.

Mind the Heat

Opt for dog-friendly trails without steep inclines or rocky terrain that could be tough on your pup's paws and joints. 

Pick Pet-Friendly Trails  

Take regular stops and shorter hike distances for dogs. Carry puppy pads for quick potty breaks too.

Break it Up

Keep dogs on leashes to avoid running off or disturbing wildlife. Use longer 20-30 foot training leashes so they can explore safely.

Leash Up

Have an extra leash and collar in case equipment fails. And be sure your dog's tags have your current contact info.

Bring Backup

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