Heartwarming Friendship of a Dog and Cat

Dog meets kitten for the first time and gently sniffs her. The kitten is relaxed and trusting.

First Meeting

Dog and cat snuggle up close together on a blanket and drift off to sleep.

Nap Time

Dog carefully licks cat's head to groom her while the cat remains calm and content.

Bath Time  

Dog rolls on his back laughing as the cat pounces on him and they play together.


Dog and cat share a bowl of food and eat together happily.

Dinner Dates  

Cat rubs against dog's side and the dog wraps his paws around the cat in a cuddle.

Cuddle Buddies

Cat gently grooms the dog's fur, and then the dog returns the favor by licking the cat's head.

Grooming Ritual

Key Things to Consider Before Getting a New Pet