Fun Facts About the Unique and Adorable Scottish Fold

The first Scottish Fold was discovered in Scotland in 1961. The breed was established through crosses with British Shorthairs.

Originated in Scotland

Scottish Folds are born with straight ears that fold forward and down as they mature, creating their signature owl look.

Famous Folded Ears

Scottish Folds tend to be very calm, tolerant, and affectionate. They adapt well to new people and environments.

Even Temperament

Folds are categorized as single or double based on whether one or both ears fold forward.  

Single and Double Folds

While not hyperactive, Folds enjoy interactive play. They especially love puzzle toys and learning tricks.

Moderate Activity Levels

The fold gene can cause cartilage abnormalities. Reputable breeding reduces risks.

Increased Health Risks  

The medium-length, dense coat needs weekly brushing to remove loose hair and prevent mats.

Weekly Grooming  

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