Fun Facts About Labradoodles

Since they’re a cross between Labs and Poodles, Labradoodles can vary in size, coat, and colors.

Appearance Varies  

Labradoodles can have a hair coat (most shedding), fleece coat, or wool coat (least shedding).

Three Coat Types

Most Labradoodles are energetic, enthusiastic, and require plenty of exercise and playtime.

High Energy 

Intelligent and trainable, Labradoodles aim to please their owners and are generally obedient.

Eager to Please

Depending on coat type, Labradoodles require brushing every few days to weekly and professional grooming.  

Moderate Grooming

Labradoodles form close bonds and may experience anxiety when left alone for long periods.  

Separation Anxiety

Once uncommon, Labradoodles are now one of the most popular hybrid dog breeds.

Gaining Popularity  

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