Fear Aggression in Dogs

Reactions can be triggered by strangers, loud noises, other dogs, handling, unknown environments and more.

Triggers Vary  

Dogs lash out from fear when they feel they can’t escape whatever is frightening them.

Fight or Flight 

Systematically expose the dog to triggers from afar, praising and treating for calm behavior.

 Gradual Exposure 

Use high-value food rewards and happy talk to countercondition the dog to make new positive connections.

Focus on Associations

Teach dogs yawning, shaking off and sniffing the ground as ways to self-soothe when worried.

 Calming Signals

Allow fearful dogs space to retreat and regroup as needed until they gain confidence. 

Give Them an Escape  

Certified trainers can create customized plans to overcome reactivity stemming from fear. 

Consult a Trainer  

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