Fastest Dog Breeds

With a top speed of 45 mph, the slender greyhound is built for blazing speed with its streamlined physique and long legs.


This ancient Middle Eastern breed can sprint up to 43 mph, outpacing most other dogs over short distances.


The elegant, long-haired Afghan hound can gallop at 40 mph thanks to its lean yet powerful build and bounding strides. 

Afghan Hound  

Athletic vizslas are capable of short bursts up to 40 mph when chasing prey or toys, earning them a spot among the quickest.


Don't let their short legs fool you - Jack Russell terriers can clock speeds up to 38 mph as they barrel after small game.

Jack Russell Terrier

Famous for their spotted coats and firehouse mascot status, Dalmatians are able runners hitting 37 mph at their fastest.


Whippets are true sprinters, accelerating rapidly to top speeds of 34-36 mph over short distances.


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