Essential Types of Cat Collars

Breakaway collars have quick-release clasps to prevent choking. Cats' collars detach if caught on branches during outdoor roaming.

Breakaway Collars

Safety collars have elastic panels that stretch to allow cats to wiggle free if collars get caught. This prevents strangulation.

Safety Collars  

Flea collars for cats contain insecticides that repel and kill fleas and ticks. They provide ongoing protection against parasites.

Flea Collars

Tracking collars have built-in GPS or radio frequency technology to locate indoor cats or track lost outdoor cats. 

Tracking Collars

Reflective collars make cats visible at nighttime with reflective strips. This helps keep roaming cats safe in the dark.

Reflective Collars 

Smart cat collars monitor activity, location, temperature and more. They sync data to apps to track cats' habits.

Smart Collars

Harness collars distribute pressure across cats' torsos. They are safer than neck collars for leash walks.

Harness Collars 

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