Ear Infections in Dogs

Ear infections in dogs are common and can cause discomfort. Recognizing the signs, such as head shaking, ear discharge, and odor, is crucial for early intervention.

Ear Infections

Numerous factors can lead to ear infections, including allergies, mites, or bacterial and fungal overgrowth. Identifying the cause is essential for effective treatment.


Total Ear Canal Ablation (TECA) is a surgical procedure used to treat chronic, severe ear infections. It involves the removal of the ear canal, offering relief to affected dogs.


TECA is considered when conventional treatments fail to resolve chronic ear issues. Your veterinarian will determine if it's the best option for your dog.

When Is TECA Needed?

The TECA procedure is important. It involves the removal of the ear canal, and your dog will require post-surgery care and monitoring.


Post-TECA recovery may vary, but most dogs experience improved comfort and reduced ear issues. Follow your veterinarian's guidance for the best outcome.


Regular ear care, early infection recognition, and appropriate treatment, including TECA when necessary, are essential for maintaining your dog's ear health.

Ear Health

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