Dog Owner's Guide to Anal Glands

 Sacs near a dog's anus that secrete scent for territorial marking and bowel movement cues.

Anal Glands

Scooting, licking under the tail, and other abnormal butt area behaviors may indicate impacted anal glands.

Signs of Trouble

Vets can express full anal glands by gently squeezing to release fluid, providing relief.

Manual Expression 

Increase fiber and water to improve stool consistency for natural expression during bowel movements.

Natural Remedies   

Don't try expressing glands yourself unless trained, as you could injure your dog.

Avoid DIY Treatment

 If medically necessary, the anal sacs can be surgically removed.  

Removal Surgery 

Keeping stools firm, providing fish oil and probiotics may help prevent repeat impaction.

Prevent Recurrences 

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