Dog Breeds With the Strongest Bite Force

The Turkish Kangal has the most powerful bite force at 743 PSI, strong enough to break large bones.


Bandogs were bred for guarding and have an incredibly forceful bite of 730 PSI. Their bites can crush bones.


The muscular Cane Corso has a 700 PSI bite force. They grab and hold prey firmly.

Cane Corso

Bred to hunt big game, Dogo Argentinos have a bite force of 500 PSI, allowing it to snap bones.  

Dogo Argentino

With a 328 PSI bite force, Rottweilers can easily crush bones. Their powerful jaws latch on tightly.


German Shepherds exert 238 PSI of pressure in their forceful bites. They have strong gripping power.

German Shepherd

Pit Bulls bite down with 235 PSI of pressure. They have muscular jaws and bite deeply.

American Pit Bull

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