Do Dogs and Cats Grieve When Losing a Companion

Watch for signs of grief like lethargy, lack of appetite, vocalizing, searching behavior, anxiety, and depression.

Recognizing Grief 

Give extra affection, maintain routines, allow them to mourn in their own way, and consider a new companion when ready.  

Providing Comfort   

Keep belongings of the deceased pet, share photos and stories, and hold a memorial ceremony.

Preserving Memories 

Monitor for prolonged grief symptoms like lack of interest, sleeping issues, bathroom accidents, and neglecting grooming. 

Watching Closely

Seek guidance from your veterinarian if concerning symptoms persist beyond 2-3 months.

Consulting a Vet  

Grief takes time. Be patient and understanding as your pet processes their loss.

Time Brings Healing

While painful, grief shows the depth of the bond you shared. Celebrate the joy you brought each other.

Cherishing Bonds  

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