Crate Potty Training an Older Dog

Introduce your older dog to the concept of crate training with patience and positive reinforcement. Lay the foundation for a comfortable and secure learning environment.


Select the appropriate crate size and type for your older dog. A well-chosen crate ensures comfort, safety, and a positive association with the training process.

Choosing the Right Crate

Ease your dog into crate training by introducing short, positive sessions. Gradually increase the duration to acclimate your older dog to spending time in the crate.

Gradual Introduction

Create a consistent potty schedule to align with your older dog's natural rhythms. This routine, combined with crate training, helps reinforce good bathroom habits.

Establishing Routine

Utilize positive reinforcement techniques when your older dog successfully follows the potty training routine. Reward good behavior to strengthen the association with the crate.

Positive Reinforcement

Patience is key. Stay consistent in your approach to crate training, and be patient as your older dog adapts to the new routine. Consistency fosters positive habits.

Patience and Consistency

Regularly assess your older dog's progress in crate potty training. Adjust the training plan as needed and celebrate milestones achieved in the process.

Monitoring Progress

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