Cat-Friendly Backyard

Before designing a cat-friendly backyard, it's essential to understand your cat's behavior and what they need from their outdoor space.

Cat Behavior

A variety of cat-safe plants and landscaping ideas to make your backyard both attractive and safe for your cat.

Cat-Safe Plants

Build DIY cat play structures, like scratching posts, climbing trees, and lounging platforms, to keep your cat entertained in the yard.

Cat Play Structures

The concept of a cat garden, including catnip and cat grass, to provide sensory enrichment for your feline friend.

Cat Garden

Essential outdoor safety measures to protect your cat from potential hazards. We'll cover fencing, supervision, and other safety tips.

Outdoor Safety Measures

A range of outdoor toys and interactive play ideas that will keep your cat engaged and happy in the backyard.

Toys and Interactive Play

Set up feeding stations and hydration areas to ensure your cat has access to fresh food and water while spending time outdoors.

Feeding Stations

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