Biggest Dog Breeds Growing Over 100 Pounds

Mastiffs are one of the largest dogs, with males reaching 160-230 pounds. Their sheer size is imposing but they have a docile nature.


Saint Bernards are gentle giants, with mature males weighing 140-180 pounds. They have a patient, friendly temperament.

Saint Bernard

Great Danes are tall, long-legged dogs. Male adults average 120-200 pounds owing to their large, powerful frame.

Great Dane

Great Pyrenees males can grow to 100-160 pounds. They are calm, gentle giants famous for guarding livestock.

Great Pyrenees 

Irish Wolfhounds are bred for hunting and can reach 150 pounds. Despite their size, they are docile and sweet-natured.

Irish Wolfhound

Scottish Deerhounds are one of the tallest breeds. Males weigh 85-110 pounds and stand over 30 inches tall.

Scottish Deerhound

The Leonberger has a lion-like mane and weighs up to 170 pounds. They are loyal, lively family dogs.


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