Best Dog Beds for Pets That Travel

Look for dog beds that attach to car seats and headrests to create a comfy spot for road trips.

Backseat Beds

A hammock stretches across the backseat for dogs to cozy up in for car rides. Offers security.


Bring a foldable travel bed that's lightweight and packs away easily in your luggage.

Foldable Mats 

At campsites, use a cot-style bed to lift your dog up off the ground and dirt.

Raised Camp Beds

For motels and hotels, choose a durable dog bed with a sturdy base, rim and waterproof lining.

Sturdy Frame Beds

Inflatable dog beds deflate for storage and inflate quickly for travel convenience.  

Inflatable Beds

Equip your adventurous dog with a warm, cozy sleeping bag for camping trips.

Outdoor Gear  

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