Best Cat Halloween Costumes

Carve out some Halloween fun by turning your cat into a pumpkin with an orange vest or hoodie. Add stems or jack-o-lantern features for extra flair.

Pumpkin Cat

Unleash your cat's inner beast with a fluffy mane turning them into the king of Halloween. manes come in various colors and styles.

Lion Mane Cat

Fight crime and look heroic by outfitting your cat as Batman, Superman, Spidercat, or another superhero. Capes, masks, and booties complete the look.

Superhero Cat

Sail the seven seas this Halloween by dressing your swashbuckling cat as a pirate captain, complete with hat, eye patch, and bandana. Say "yarrr!"

Pirate Cat

Make your cat into a fangtastic Dracula with a black cape, white shirt front, and plastic fangs. Don't forget the red eyeshadow!

Vampurr Cat

Pop culture cats are trendy. Dress them as Baby Yoda, Pusheen, a taco, ice cream cone or anything cute. Go viral this Halloween!

Pop Culture Cat

Clever occupational costumes like a doctor, chef, graduate or painter turn your cat into a purrfessional trick-or-treater. Add props like stethoscopes or chef hats!

occupation Cat

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