Best Cat Breeds for Kids

Known for being docile, gentle and affectionate. Loves to be held and cuddled by children. Doesn't scratch furniture.


Affectionate, social breed. Gentle, loves to play and interact with kids. Sturdy, can handle rough play. Kid-friendly.

Maine Coon

Active, playful and intelligent. Bonds strongly with families. Gentle and tolerant of children. Learns tricks easily.


Loyal, people-oriented breed. Patient and gentle, good for young kids. Playful and energetic. Thrives on interaction.


Affectionate, likes being held. Generally quiet breed, doesn't mind noisy kids. Playful but gentle, won't scratch.


Calm, sweet personality. Toddler-friendly. Responds well to playtime but won't get overstimulated. 


Intelligent, playful and loyal. Loves children. Plays gently, not prone to scratching. Thrives in active households. 

Devon Rex

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