Aggression in Dogs Toward Familiar People

Common types are fear, possessive, redirected, pain-induced aggression. Signs include growling, baring teeth.


Fear, possession of objects/food/space, stress, anxiety, pain, lack of proper socialization.


Obedience training, behavior modification, desensitization, counterconditioning, medication if needed.

Reduce Triggers  

Avoid triggers, use muzzle, keep dog confined when guests over, kids shouldn't disturb dog. Seek professional help.

Safety Tips

If aggression is frequent, intense, leads to bites/injuries. Vet check to rule out pain/illness. Consult certified behaviorist.

When to Get Help

Socialize puppy, use reward-based training, meet dog's needs, build trust through positive interactions.


Wash wounds immediately, get medical care for bites. Report bite to animal control. Isolate dog after incident.

Bite Safety

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