7 Popular Therapy Animals

The fundamentals of therapy animals. Explore the diverse roles these animals play in providing emotional support and companionship to individuals in various settings.

 Therapy Animal Basics

The world of therapy dogs, among the top choices for emotional support. Learn about their friendly demeanor, training, and how they bring comfort to those in need.

Canine Companions

The soothing presence of therapy cats. Explore how these independent yet affectionate animals contribute to stress reduction and emotional well-being in diverse environments.

 Feline Comfort

The therapeutic impact of horses. Learn how equine-assisted therapy provides physical and emotional benefits, fostering connections between humans and these majestic animals.

Equine Emissaries

The charm of therapy rabbits. Explore their gentle nature and how they bring joy to people in hospitals, nursing homes, and other settings, offering a unique form of comfort.

Therapy Rabbits

The broader concept of animal-assisted therapy. Learn how various animals contribute to healing and emotional well-being across different populations, from children to the elderly.

Animal-Assisted Healing

Gain insights into the certification and training required for therapy animals. Understand the standards and processes that ensure these animals are well-prepared for their important roles.

Certification and Training

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