7 Fun Facts About the Adorable Beagle Dog

Beagles have excellent scenting abilities and were originally bred as hunting dogs to track hares, rabbits and other game

Scent Hounds  

Beagles are very affectionate, gentle, intelligent and eager to please. They make wonderful family companions.

Happy Nature

Beagles have high energy levels and need regular exercise and mental stimulation. They thrive with active families.


The Beagle's baying tends to be loud and frequent - something to consider if you have close neighbors nearby. 


These food-motivated pups will overeat if given the chance. Monitoring treats and meal portions is important.

Ravenous Appetite 

Beagles are prone to obesity, epilepsy, cherry eye and back issues. Routine vet care helps keep them healthy.

Health Concerns

With proper exercise and care, the Beagle average lifespan ranges from 10-15 years.


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