7 Fascinating Tiny Cat Breeds

The Munchkin has extremely short legs but a long body, giving it a unique appearance. This playful and speedy kitty stays under 9 lbs.


Native to Singapore, the Singapura is a petite brown ticked tabby under 8 lbs. It's energetic, affectionate, and extroverted.


Known for its curly short coat and big ears, the Devon Rex weighs 5-9 lbs. It has a playful personality and thrives on human interaction. 

Devon Rex

Weighing 6-10 lbs, the Cornish Rex has a slender curly coat and large ears. This adventurous and mischievous breed needs ample playtime.

Cornish Rex

The American Curl gets its name from its unique curled back ears. It typically weighs 5-10 lbs and bonds strongly with its family. 

American Curl 

Resembling a wild ocicat, this active and friendly breed weighs 6-15 lbs. It has a spotted coat and loves games and quality time with its owners.


Originating from Russia's Kuril Islands, this fluffy breed weighs 6-10 lbs. It's vocal, intelligent, and athletic. 

Kurilian Bobtail

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