7 Easy Steps To Master Puppy Recall

Positive interactions create trust. Begin training in a secure, distraction-free environment to set the stage for recall success.


Teach your puppy to respond to their name. Use treats and praise when they react positively. Consistent name recognition is vital for effective recall training.

Name Recognition

Introduce a specific recall command like "come" or "here." Associate the command with positive experiences. Use a happy tone and reward your puppy generously for compliance.

Recall Command

Increase difficulty gradually. Practice recall in different environments and situations. Gradual exposure to distractions ensures your puppy responds reliably in any scenario.

Gradual Distractions

Positive reinforcement strengthens the connection between the recall command and a rewarding experience, making your puppy eager to respond.

Positive Reinforcement

Begin with short distances and minimal time, gradually increasing both. This builds your puppy's confidence and reliability in returning to you.

Distance and Duration

Practice regularly and maintain a positive, encouraging attitude. Consistent reinforcement ensures your puppy retains the recall command throughout their life.


Mastering Puppy Training