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Our Process

Upon scheduling your pool opening we will speak with you to learn the logistics of your backyard environment. In order to effectively open your pool and prepare it for the upcoming season we like to get an understanding about the following aspects: pool size, waterfalls, slides, filtration system, heating system, spa/hot tub features and any additional features that require maintenance from season to season.

What Makes Us Different?

Commercial swimming pool companies perform pool openings based on quantity, which means that their main goal is to open your pool and finish the job as fast as possible. Aside from having trusted employees in your backyard, we emphasize performing the job in a thorough manner, making sure that when we leave all you need to do is have fun! Below you can observe our step by step process when performing a pool opening (given no special conditions are required for your specific situation).

Pool Covers

Beginning with the cover removal including safety covers, tarps, and nets we strategically fan-fold the cover and roll it tightly. We then place the cover into the provided cover bag and after placing all other closing equipment such as gizmo’s, freeze out plugs and spring the cover will be moved to an outside location. The location that we move the cover to is identified based on where it is stored for the season, typically a shed or garage, but when advise keeping the cover directly outside this location for 48-72 hours for proper draining and drying to reduce unwanted odors.

Pool Returns and Jets

After properly removing freeze out plugs and placing them with the cover the returns will retrieve their annual eye ball and return plate for proper functioning. The Jets will all be directed in a proper fashion and pointed upward to push surface water in the proper direction which increases circulation and allows for optimal filtration.

Filtration System

The filtration system will be returned to proper order by placing screws, valves, handles, gauges, site glass, timer pins and gaskets in the proper places. After placing all elements back in order a wet run will be performed (given that electric and water levels are effective). While running the filtration system the technician will check for any broken pipes, filter leaks, motor function, or any unwanted factors.


We provide all customers with the purest form of commercial grade liquid chlorine, shock, algacide, ph and alkalinity balance. This chemical kit is our unique touch to providing our customers the most effective way to start the year!