Identifying a Filter Problem

We can generally identify a filter problem based on a few simply markers: consistent haziness in water while chemicals are balanced, loss of pressure in swimming pool, uncommon noises coming from filter system and other minor indicators.

The Filter Renovation Process

Depending on the amount of work performed, this process can be identified and fixed within a “same day” window. A qualified technician will identify the problem and provide a solution to you based on most affordable and effective, short term and long term results. We always think about the homeowner first!


Common Types Of Swimming Pool Filters

The most common types of filtration systems are sand filter, cartridge filters, and diatomaceous earth filters (DE Filters). These filters range in performance based on size, filtered microorganisms filter per gallon, maintenance factors, price and longevity.

Pumps and Motors

Another important factor on the way your swim pool performance is affected comes from the pump. These pumps range in size, energy consumption, and performance rate. We generally see 2.0-2.5 horsepower pumps on standard In-Ground swimming pools. Based on past experiences we do recommend a winter time cover to reduce weathering.

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