Minecraft’s Mob Vote Is Over, But Fans Are Still Arguing

By Ehtesham

Published on:

The dust has finally settled on the controversial Minecraft mob vote, and the armadillo has emerged victorious over the penguin and crab.

However, the victory has not silenced the passionate and at times heated discussions within the Minecraft community. Let’s dive into the aftermath of this monumental vote and explore the reasons behind the ongoing debate.

Mob Vote

For those who haven’t been keeping up with the latest happenings in the Minecraft universe, the mob vote has been a long-standing tradition for six years. Each year, Mojang presents three potential mob concepts to the community and lets the players decide which one should be added to the game.

The objective is to foster community engagement and collaboration. However, as time passed, the process became a source of contention.

Divided Community

What was intended to be a unifying event often divided the Minecraft player base. YouTubers and streamers used their influence to rally their audiences behind their chosen mob. The community found itself split into factions, with passionate supporters of each concept.

Useful Features

This year’s mob vote was particularly contentious due to the utility tied to the creatures. The armadillo promised dog armor, a feature with its own set of implications, while the crab would have allowed players to place blocks at a greater distance.

Consequently, fans weren’t merely voting based on cuteness but on which of these highly-requested features they wanted to see implemented in the game.

Armadillo’s Victory

The final vote declared the armadillo as the winner, and it’s now set to wander the blocky landscapes of Minecraft. However, the aftermath has been far from smooth. A significant portion of the community remains unsatisfied, pushing Mojang to reconsider the concept of mob votes in the game’s future.


One prominent criticism is that the three-way vote structure is inherently unfair. While the armadillo secured 42.3 percent of the votes and won, it means that over half of the community will be disappointed with the outcome, rendering the armadillo voters a minority.

This is an inherent issue in any poll, but some have proposed changes to make it fairer, such as reducing the number of mobs to two.

The Armadillo

The dissatisfaction isn’t solely about the mob vote process but also about the chosen winner, the armadillo. Players who have experienced the less-than-stellar performance of Minecraft’s dog AI are skeptical about the promised dog armor.

Unless there’s a significant overhaul accompanying the armor, the utility and functionality of dogs in the game may not improve significantly.

Alternative Solutions

While some argue for the abandonment of the mob vote and the introduction of three mobs per year, others propose a compromise.

They suggest that every ‘loser’ mob from past votes should get a chance to be included, reviving seven years’ worth of failed concepts. The Minecraft community remains divided, with differing views on how to address this ongoing debate.

As the dust settles on this historic mob vote, which saw a record-breaking five million votes, Mojang faces the challenge of navigating the turbulent waters of community sentiment. The path forward in 2024 remains uncertain, but one thing is clear: Minecraft enthusiasts are passionate about the game’s future.


What is the Minecraft mob vote, and why is it controversial?

The Minecraft mob vote is an annual event where players choose a new mob to be added to the game. It has become controversial due to the divisive nature of the voting process and the utility tied to the mobs.

Why are some players unhappy with the armadillo’s victory?

Some players are skeptical about the usefulness of the armadillo’s promised dog armor, given the existing issues with Minecraft’s dog AI.

How has the Minecraft community suggested making the mob vote fairer?

Some have proposed reducing the number of mobs in the vote from three to two to increase fairness in the voting process.

What is the future of the mob vote in Minecraft?

The future of the mob vote is uncertain, with some players advocating for its abandonment and others suggesting a compromise where past “loser” mobs are added to the game.

How many votes did the historic mob vote in Minecraft receive?

The historic mob vote garnered a record-breaking five million votes, showcasing the passion and engagement of the Minecraft community.